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How can I help?

We’ve all got a part to play to Revive WA. Whether we’re business owners, employees, shoppers, tourists, or elected officials, a strong locally-based economy is vital to the lives we love living. After all, we all want our favourite local businesses to be there next week, next month and for years to come.

At Revive WA, we’ve started a movement to remind us all to look after our own. Our films are just the beginning. We’ll be launching more buy-local initiatives to support the WA community over the months and, fingers crossed, years.

For now, we’ll be paying for it out of our own pockets, but obviously that can’t last forever. We’re not a big corporate entity, we’re a bunch of WA creatives and production people with mortgages and credit cards, and at some point, we’ll need proper funding (yes, we’re working on it!).

The good news is that you can help, right now, in simple ways!


  • Please share our content on your own social media and use #reviveWA as often as you can. The more that people see our message, the better we’ll get at supporting our local businesses, together.
  • When you can afford to take a break, take it in WA (even after the borders eventually open). It’s not a big ask – we live in the best place on Earth, after all.
  • Buy our merchandise and wear it with pride! While you’re at it, buy your mum, dad, cousin, postman and favourite barista a T-shirt or cap as well. All of the profits will be donated to local WA charities and help us create more collateral, to help us continue our mission to Revive WA.
  • Download our free Revive WA promotional kits, and give them away to your fave WA businesses to use. 
  • Ask your bank, insurance provider, State Government, university and other WA based entities whether they’re using WA-owned advertising, marketing and production companies. You’d be surprised how much money needlessly leaves our state in advertising, media and research dollars.

Businesses and member-based organisations

  • Download our free Revive WA promotional kits. Remind your customers to buy local (preferably from your business!) with this collection of printable posters, social media posts and badges. Feel free to place them in your shop windows, front doors, flyer racks, wherever you think you can make a difference!
  • If you’re a WA owned business or organisation, download our WA-owned badge and show it with pride. The fact is, WA customers care where their money goes, so stick this logo on your packaging, brochures, windows, email signature and social media pages. Hell, you could get even get a tattoo!
    DISCLAIMER: Revive WA’s ‘Proudly WA Owned’ logo, is only for use by businesses that are at least 50% owned by residents of Western Australia. Any breach of this condition will result in a public naming and shaming.
  • If you are a member-based organisation, send this information out to your members and ask them to do these things too – include it in your newsletters and e-news. You’ll be surprised how positive your members will be around a WA-first message.

Local and State Government

  • Your words and messages have power, so please share our content, use #reviveWA and communicate with your communities about the importance of ‘keeping local alive’.
  • Walk the talk. Hundreds of millions of WA tax-payer dollars leave this state to support eastern states and overseas companies; everything from consultancy firms to film production companies. So, let’s take a look at our procurement processes so that we can nurture world-leading creative, production and digital industries, right here in WA. If you’d like to talk to a Revive WA member about the best way to start this conversation, get in touch.

Who is Revive WA?

Revive WA is an initiative developed by an independent collective of WA’s creative and film production professionals.

Everyone from actors to designers volunteered their time to develop the Revive WA identity, produce the online films, and get the message out there.

We did it because it was something we could do for the tourist towns we love. We did it because we couldn’t think of a better way of putting our local talents to good use.

We did it because we believe in supporting the WA economy by buying local, whenever possible. But supporting local business shouldn’t just be the job of WA holiday makers.

Big business and government need to do their bit too – especially now.

State Government, energy providers, insurance companies, universities… they all need to pitch in and prioritise local suppliers and local jobs. Especially when there’s so much to love right here in WA.

Watch the Behind the scenes


The following businesses and individuals have volunteered their time;
everyone from actors to sound engineers.

Cast & Crew

  • Corrie Jones
  • Kate Downie
  • Béatrice Masia
Production Mgr / 1st AD
  • Gemma Hall
  • Patrick O'Sullivan
  • Grant Wilson
Best boy
  • Arif Rashid
Key Grip
  • Greg Stirling
Sound Recordist
  • Glenn Dillion
Production Designer
  • Clayton Jauncey
Costume Designer
  • Kylie Clifford
Hair & Make-up Artist
  • Kate Farmer
  • Jacqueline Pelczar
  • Luke Sargon
  • Megan Carpenter
  • Catering Essentials
30s Couple Female
  • Jo Booth
30s Couple Male
  • Matt Hawksworth
Sharehouse Guy
  • Haydon Wilson
  • Shabira Muhafadin
Older Couple Female
  • Helen Searle
Older Couple Male
  • Kenneth Ransom
20s Couple Female
  • Alexandra Nell
20s Couple Male
  • Peter Williams
Voice Over Artist
  • Tristian

Media, print and distribution

  • Penny Lane Photography
  • Scott Printing
  • OOh Media
  • AO Lets Go

Post Production & Creative

Moore Creative Artists
  • Nerida Moore
Artist Management Australia
  • Nat Simpson
  • Chris Peters
Filmbites Casting
  • Hallie McKeig
  • Miranda Edmonds
  • Simon Renwick

Post Production

The Office of John Cheese
  • James Hawkes
Cue Sound
  • Nick Gallagher
  • Mike Fragomini

Creative & Strategy

  • Josh Edge
&Partners Creative Agency
  • Dav Tabeshfar
  • Bryan Dennis
Block Branding
  • Mark Braddock
Creative Developer
  • Maurice Melchers

Contact Us

Revive WA is small collective of local WA volunteers from the local production and creative industries. If you’d like to find out more about how you can help our collective or purchase from our store, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Revive WA is active on Facebook and Instagram, but please be patient as we work through all of your fantastic responses!